Steve's Speaking Work

I am always available to speak, open conferences, and moderate sessions delivering useful, and entertaining insights into the challenges of doing great work in a construction environment defined by distraction and incongruous expectations. Plase download my Speaker CV for more information.

I also lecture to a more general audience as a Cruise Ship Lecturer

If you’re looking for an inspiring message and useful advice that your team can start using today, inquire about bringing me to visit with your group.

My current Talks

I have several talks focused on the construction Industry

O- BIM and the manufacturer

O- The Paperless office

O- Understand CAD for the manufacturer

O- The need to understand Maps

O- Maps are always wrong

O- Understand Lat Long - Easting Northing & UTM

O- Time is always wrong

O- The Future of BIM

O- A look at Big Data

O- The future of specifications

O- Futurism is there a need

0- The Manufacturers Glass ball

0- Climate change, a huge global problem, or a real oportunity

Cruise Ship Lectures

I Cruise regularly on many of the worlds top cruise lines and can offer lectures to suite all tastes. 

Many of my lectures I have converted from my University lectures which together with a list of General lectures on subjects loosely associated with my general lecture set, would to be of interest to cruise passengers,

My collection of lectures are entertaining fast paced and well balanced to last the 45 mins, the ships seem to allocate. I have split my lectures into five distinct subjects

My current list of Lectures I can offer comprise :

Digital World

     •     Opening lecture on digital communication

     •     Mobile Phones - do you need to upgrade !

     •     IPad - It will take over from the desk top and lap top

     •     The cloud as your digital server

     •     Apple, Microsoft, Unix/Linux or Google chrome take your pick

Planet Earth

     •     Weather

     •     Maps - old paper to modern Digital

     •     Time

     •     Earths Skin


     •     General construction - A look at the history of construction through the Ages

     •     Bauhaus

     •     CAD The old paper office and its transformation to digital 

     •     Smart cities - Now and just a few years time

     •     Who built the Pyramids

Recording and sharing your interest

     •     Blogging

     •     Photography and the digital world

     •     Paperless home office

     •     Digital life after death


     •     The First Crusade

     •     The Nights Templar

     •     History of the passport and modern digital 'Id'