If your market lies within the construction industry, Working via my company Konstrukshon Ltd, I can offer advice and possible design ideas for new products and routes to market, sales on a global scale, and help understanding the rapid rise of construction data.

Big Data

We are going through interesting times regarding data, CAD is now investing in BIM (Building information Management ) and we have only just begun to see where it will take us.

IFC as a cross platform file format has huge potential for development both as a cross platform medium, but also to develop new and interesting waysd to view and interogate the rich data it will contain.

Via my company Konstrukshon Ltd, I can offer advice and help understanding this new phenomina and how it might help sales and material development.

Building Regulations

Material development and the status of current  material sales can be affected by the way building regulations are being developed, Via my company Konstrukshon Ltd,  taylor made presentations can be prepaired looking at how you might handle this important aspect of sales and marketing from :

O- Past sales and the way older regulations should be applied

O- Past literature Archives

O- Past sales and material archives with tackable production codes

O- Future trend in how the Regs might be wqritten, are you ready

O- Agrement, its use and development

Literature Design

Literature has undergone a huge change in recent years, from a paper base to an Electronic format, are you making full use of your literature and do you have a future proof vision of how it might develop, taking in BIM and it's development.

Specification Generation

The creation and tracking of your specification sales is being outdated as BIM takes over. A crear stratagy is needed to alter your sales to take this new way of drawing into consideration, are you ready, does your sales force understand the power and the way it is changing Architecture.

CAD symbols / Families

A small well produced CAD symbol with embeded product and manufacturer data is vitaly important in establishing firm specifications, in all the CAD formats now popular across the Architectural profession.